Orvis Locking Net Retractor


A full 42″ extension will not inhibit reach. The Gear Keeper Net Retractor hangs on your back or a float tube. They are designed to survive extended saltwater and chlorine exposure.

Spectra/nylon cord. Stainless steel spring and hardware. 80-lb. breaking strength. 12 oz. retraction force. Split-ring detachable connection for the net. The fly-fishing retractor tool features a snap-clip attachment to the vest D-ring.

Made in the USA.

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Orvis Locking Net Retractor

  • A high retraction force of 12 oz. retracts and holds the landing net without dropping
  • Long extension reach of 42″ to provide an entire arm’s reach
  • The locking mechanism allows the unit to secure while you’re hiking through brush
  • Snap clip attaches to D-ring
  • Quick connect/disconnect so you can detach the net quickly when needed
  • Saltwater-resistant, Spectra/Nylon cord with 80 lb. breaking strength


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