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Montana Rivers

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Montana Rivers and Streams we guide on

Montana fly fishing rivers streams we have guides experienced on are the most legendary Montana fly fishing rivers.
We fish the Bitterroot River, Blackfoot River, Clark Fork River, Missouri River and Madison Rivers. We have Most other unpermitted Montana Rivers on our operating plan and experienced guides to take you there.
We are permitted by the United States Forest Service on five mountain streams in the Bitterroot Valley, The South Fork of Skalkaho, Sleeping Child creek, Lost Horse Creek, Blodgett Creek, Mill Creek and Bear Creek and fish other unpermitted Montana streams.
We have many lakes on our operation plan Gorge town, Clark Canyon, Browns, Bryant and many others. If there is a unpermitted water you want to fish that is not listed ask there is a good chance we have a experienced guide for you.

Bitterroot River

The Bitterroot River» is our home river which meanders through the Bitterroot valley filled with fantastic scenery. It is bordered on the west by the rugged Bitterroot Mountains and on the east by the beautiful Sapphire Mountain range. The Bitterroot River including the East Fork Bitterroot and West Fork Bitterroot has over 100 miles of fishable water that supports a healthy population of wild West Slope Cutthroat, Rainbow ,Brown, Brook Trout and Mountain Whitefish. There are also Pike in the lower stretches. The Bitterroot River is a very diverse freestone river and is renowned for its dry fly fishing and many major aquatic insect hatches. This river differs greatly over its 100 mile journey. From the upper reaches of the West Fork of the Bitterroot River which is a tail water controlled by Painted Rocks Reservoir with its faster pocket water filled with riffles, runs and rock gardens, to the lower Bitterroot River with its deep holes, long runs, riffles and slow water.

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Bitterroot River West Fork

The West Fork of the Bitterroot River originates along the south west border of Montana. Flowing out of the Bitterroot mountain range it runs into Painted Rocks reservoir, a man-made lake created by Painted Rocks Dam. Below the dam the river flows for an additional fifteen miles to the confluence with the East Fork, creating the Bitterroot River.
The West Fork above the dam is small and well suited for walk and wade fishing this mountain stream has good numbers of smaller wild trout. The fish here rise readily to almost any dry fly presented to them.
Below Painted Rocks Reservoir, the West Fork consists of pocket water, riffles, runs and rock gardens. The river below the dam remains clear during spring run-off compared to the rest of the system until the water comes over the spillway. Fed by the reservoir, the West Fork maintains cool flows all season. Feeding on the prolific Salmon fly, Golden stone fly and spruce moth hatches the West Fork is home to sizable Wild West slope Cutthroat, Rainbow, Brown, Brook trout and Mountain whitefish. The West Fork, along with many of the other tributaries in the Bitterroot Valley hold bull trout, a federally protected fish that must be released immediately.

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Bitterroot River East Fork

The East Fork of the Bitterroot is one of the most beautiful and easily accessed streams in southwestern Montana. It begins on the Continental Divide deep in the Bitterroot National Forest. This freestone is made up of riffles, runs, boulders, and deep pools that hold 8- to 18-inch trout.
The East Fork of the Bitterroot River has great fly fishing. As fishing pressure is generally quite low, the trout rise readily to dry flies. The river is quite narrow for most of its length; casting to most spots of the river is quite easy, making it an excellent choice for Tenkara fly fishing. With fast currents and large rocks in the river, wading can be a challenge when the flows are up. When the flows are low the water is easy to wade, but most of it can be reached from the banks. Approach carefully: The water is clear, and the fish spook easily. For most of the year, the flows on the East Fork of the Bitterroot are too low for floating.

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Blackfoot River

The Blackfoot River» (from the movie A River Runs Through it) is one of Montana’s renowned "blue ribbon" trout streams. We fish the lower 64 miles of this river as the trout fishing can be spotty in the upper sections. The Blackfoot River is a free-flowing river, from its beginnings near the Continental Divide it flows 132 miles to its junction with the Clark Fork River. The Trout fishing is excellent and the scenery is spectacular.

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Clark Fork River

The Clark Fork River» begins near Warm Springs and flows for 275 miles where it empties into Lake Pend Oreille. The Clark Fork River is notorious for its opportunity's to cast to "pods" of large rising Trout. Fishing for Trout on this river can be divided into two sections above and below Missoula. The upper section is one of Montana’s medium sized rivers Brown Trout are predominate here. The lower section (this is where the "pods" of Trout are found) has big riffles long slow runs and deep holes. For something different one might want to throw on a streamer and go for a big Northern Pike.

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Missouri River

The Missouri River» is also known as the Mighty Mo. The Missouri River is a large, classic tailwater river, best described as a gigantic spring creek where the fish grow fast and big This River begins near the town of three forks MT and is formed by the confluence of the Gallatin River, Jefferson River, and Madison River. There are many dams creating many lakes on this river. The thirty mile stretch from Holter dam to the town of Cascade is the prime trout water and where most of the fly fishing takes place. The cold waters released by Holter dam provide prime trout habitat.

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Madison River

The Madison River» flows over 140 miles from its headwaters in Yellowstone National Park to its confluence with the Gallatin River and Jefferson River. We Trout fish thirty-seven miles of this upstream from the town of Ennis. The fifty mile riffle as this section is sometimes called is a fast but gentle river. The Madison River offers exceptional Trout fishing in a beautiful setting. The Madison River flows down the middle of the gorgeous Madison Valley, bordered on the west by the Madison range with its gentle sloping conifer forest and on the east by the Gravelly range with its massive snow capped peaks. This entire section of river has countless riffles, runs and deep holes making this the best Trout fishing on the river.

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Mountain Streams

We have five Mountain streams for wade fishing» on our forest service permit. Great for Tenkara» the South Fork of Skalkaho, Sleeping Child creek, Lost Horse Creek, Blodgett Creek, Mill Creek and Bear Creek and have other unpermitted Montana streams on our operating plan.
If there is a Montana River or Stream you want to fish that is not listed ask we don't fish it we can recommend someone that does.